Visit our Sydney or Brisbane roasterys and roast 500 grams or 1kg or 2kg in our Piccolo Chinook shop roaster

The Piccolo Chinook sample roaster is always ready… no warm up required.

Come in select your Single Origin coffee or we can assist with developing your blend.

Then tap the touch screen a few times to record the Single Origin or coffee blend, batch size, and roast profile  Now, set back and enjoy a complementary coffee beverage and maybe read the paper while the Piccolo does it job.

After roasting we will check the Roast Degree of your coffee using our Agtron Spectrophotometer.  We take two measurements; one for the outside of the bean and one for the inside of the bean.  This tells you exactly how the coffee was roasted.

Select coffee for roasting in Piccolo

You will receive a record of all the roasting settings that guided the roaster.  Also included on this data-sheet is a graph of the roasting process showing the actual coffee bean & roasting air temperatures during the roasting process.

Upon your return, you can roast the coffee exactly the same or choose to roast it darker or lighter.  The Piccolo Chinook provides you with consistent repeatability and total control.