Single Origin

Single Origin

What are Coffee Blends?

Coffee blends are a combination of two or more coffees that come from different origins. The term ‘origin’ refers to where the coffee was grown and processed before being roasted. Coffee blends can combine coffees from different countries or from different regions in the same country. 

When creating blends, roasters carefully consider the best attributes of different coffees and combine them to create a balanced and consistent flavour profile that’s also delicious. The result is a signature or seasonal product that is completely unique to the roaster. Most cafes use blends as they pair well with milk and sugar and are more popular amongst general consumers.

What is single origin coffee?

Single origin coffee means that the beans are sourced from one producer, crop, or region. Single farm or single estate coffee is a branch of single origin where the beans are sourced from one farm or co-op. Single origin coffees are generally higher quality than coffee blends and can be used for milk, black, and filtered coffees. 

Why do coffee roasters offer single origin coffees?

Coffee roasters offer single origins so consumers can try unique coffee from around the world and have a deeper understanding of the complex tastes that arise from a specific terroir. Since coffee tastes different depending on the country, region, climate, and even farm it was grown in, no two single origin coffees will taste the same. This makes for an adventurous drinking experience. 

Roasters provide detailed label information on where a single origin coffee was grown as well as its climate, altitude, farmers, and processing techniques that were used. This allows consumers to explore the nuances of how all of these factors contribute to a coffee’s unique aroma and flavours. 

Another reason why roasters offer single origin coffee is increasing consumer interest in traceability. Single origin coffee comes from a specific farm or region within a country, so people know exactly where their beans were grown and processed, and by whom. 

Single Origin vs Blend Characteristics

These are some of the differences between single origin and coffee blends so you can decide which is right for you. 


Single origins and coffee blends carry different flavour notes and consistency. Single origin coffees tend to be brighter with hints of citrus or florals, while coffee blends carry more nutty, chocolate, and caramel notes. Because blends have a more balanced flavour they are more appealing to a larger audience than single origins. 

Consistency of flavour is another difference between single origin and coffee blends. Because single origin coffee beans are a pure reflection of where the coffee was grown, their flavour tends to change with the seasons. This makes it less consistent. Blends have a more homogenous and consistent flavour that is not influenced by seasonal changes. 


Single origin coffee beans have more traceability than coffee blends and can be traced back to the farm, producer, and even the lot where the coffee was grown. This creates a deeper appreciation of the farmers who make the coffee. 

Coffee blends provide less traceability. Roasters will usually name the countries in the blend but there is rarely any information provided about the specific farm or producer. 

Where Do Single Origin Coffee Beans Come From?

Single origin coffee beans can come from anywhere around the world but are always sourced from one farm or region. The countries that produce the most coffee are Brazil, Vietnam, Colombia, Indonesia, Honduras, and Ethiopia.

Why is Single origin coffee so popular

Single origin coffee is popular because it is a purer coffee, higher quality than blends, and carries a unique and complex flavour profile than blends. For customers, this is a chance to understand how different climates and processing methods affect the taste, aroma, and body of a coffee. 

Single origin is also considered to be a specialty coffee. Most beans are picked by hand rather than a machine, meaning that coffee beans are ripe and healthy with less defects. The traceability of single origin is also often linked with fair trade. This means that workers are usually paid fair wages and the coffee is ethically produced. Many consumers prefer to buy a brew that is ethical with a traceable supply chain. 

What Do Coffee Farmers Say About Single Origin?

Single origin coffee beans are great for coffee farmers as they often share detailed information on how the coffee was grown, by who, and where. This gives the farmers more visibility in the coffee experience. 

What Do Coffee Roasters Say About Single Origin?

For coffee roasters, single origin coffee offers a higher quality roast, better beans, and more complex flavours. It’s also an opportunity to source beans from small-scale farmers and taste the nuances in different coffees. Single origin is usually lightly roasted to retain all of the subtle notes, though some flavours are only revealed when roasted dark. 

What Does Single Origin Mean For Coffee Consumers?

Single origin allows consumers to deepen their understanding of coffee. By sampling unique coffees grown in different regions and locations around the world, consumers will be able to pick out the nuances and complexities of different coffees. They will also have a deeper appreciation for the production and harvest of coffee as they learn more about the farm and climate of where the single origin was sourced. 

Which is Right For You: Single Origin or Blend?

This will all depend on how you drink your coffee and what you’re looking to get out of the drinking experience. 

Choose a coffee blend if you:

  • Are new to brewing coffee
  • Tend to drink coffee on the go
  • Like your coffee prepared with milk and sugar
  • Want stability of flavour 
  • Appreciate more well-rounded and balanced coffee

Choose single origin if you: 

  • Want to explore exotic and unique flavours from around the world
  • Like to switch up your coffee and try something new and different 
  • Don’t mind a less balanced coffee flavour
  • Tend to drink your coffee black
  • Appreciate learning more about where your coffee comes from

Where does our Single Origin Coffee come from? 

We source high quality single origin coffee from the world’s best coffee producing nations. We recommend a single origin coffee subscription to taste the wonderful range of flavours, textures, and aromas from our ever-changing range.

Buying Single Origin Coffee Online

Buying single origin coffee online is a great way to discover new growers, regions, and flavour profiles to try. Instead of being limited to what’s stocked at your local coffee shop, you can choose from a vast range of unique beans and take the time to learn about how they were grown before buying. Contact us for more information about any of our single origin coffees. 

Single origin coffee – Summary

Single origin provides an exciting coffee drinking experience that is more than just having a cup of brew. With such a complex range of flavours and nuances, no two coffees are the same and you can always try new and exotic regions from small-scale growers. Whether you are a barista or a coffee aficionado, single origin is a beautiful way to experience the vast range of coffee out there.

FAQ questions

  1. What is single origin coffee?
    Single origin coffee is coffee that is sourced from one region or farm.

  2. What does single origin coffee mean?
    Single origin coffee means that the beans have been sourced from a particular region or even a single farm. This is different to coffee blends, which combine coffee from different regions or countries.
  3. Is single origin coffee better?
    It depends on what you like! Single origin allows you to taste unique coffees from different regions around the world and appreciate the nuances of flavour that shift with different climates and processing methods. For coffee aficionados, drinking single origin means that no two coffee experiences are the same and there is always something new and exciting to discover. It also allows you to know more about where your coffee was grown, by who, and how.
  4. Is single origin coffee good for espresso?
    Most cafes make espresso using blends as it allows for a consistent flavour, however you can also use single origin for espresso. It all depends on what you want out of your coffee. If you like diverse flavours that are seasonal, use single origin for espresso.
  5. Where to buy single origin coffee?
    You can buy single origin coffee at our online store and enjoy delivery across Australia. Our single origin coffee subscriptions means you will always have an exciting new bean to discover. We also have stores in Brisbane and Sydney and offer coffee roasting services.
  6. Can you drink single origin coffee with milk?
    You can drink single origin coffee with milk. However by drinking the Single Origin black you can perceive the unique and subtle flavours of the coffee. Milk can be added subsequently if you find it improves your enjoyment. After all, the best coffee is the coffee you like the best.