The Coffee Roaster – NSW & QLD

From the beginning, ever since we opened the doors of a Glebe terrace house in April 1991, fresh coffee deliveries to our wholesale and retail customers was our purpose .

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JOin us for a coffee & maybe tour the roastery

At our roastery/espresso bars in Sydney & Brisbane, prompt delivery of the finest Arabica coffees continues.

Let us take you back in time with some of The Coffee Roaster highlights...

  • 2011: We released a new smaller Air Roaster called the Piccolo Chinook® Air Flow Coffee Roaster capable of roasting coffee batches from 500 grams to 2.0Kgs and which uses the same computer control system as our large production air roaster
  • 2009: Our Sydney facility more than doubles in size with expansion into a warehouse adjacent to our roastery.
  • 2008: Our Alexandria roasting facility is upgraded and expanded with the installation of a 25Kg Chinook® Air Flow Coffee Roaster
  • 2006: Our Queensland focus is moved from the Gold Coast to West End (Brisbane) with the installation of our latest Chinook® Air Flow Coffee Roaster
  • 2005: The latest version of the TCR Air Roaster with its – state of the art – graphic control system is released, named the Chinook® after the Rocky mountain winds that can raise air temperature 20º Celsius within a few hours
  • 2000: After the excitement of the Olympics, our Pyrmont roasting espresso bar is moved to a larger facility in Alexandria with coffee now roasted on a new larger TCR Air Roaster.
  • 1998: Dan’s newly designed & manufactured 15Kg TCR Air Roaster is installed at their second location on the Gold Coast
  • 1995: The Roastery moves to 180M2 roasting espresso Bar on Union Square in Pyrmont after installing a new Sivetz Air Roaster imported from the USA
  • 1993: Outgrowing the Glebe premesis, the roastery was moved to a Chippendale warehouse and the Espresso Bar moved across the road to the Forest Lodge Hotel
  • 1991: Frustrated with their inability to consistently source excellent roasted Arabica coffee, Dan & JoAnne Fitzsimmons started The Coffee Roaster with a 4Kg Air Roaster and a three group espresso machine

Over 24 years of award winning air roasting experience...

sample and production coffee roasting

Sample and production coffee roasting

Visit The Coffee Roaster and take a tour

While we can talk up a storm here on the website, the coffee roasting process is a truly sensory experience. We encourage visitors to our Sydney and Brisbane roasteries, where you can watch the highly selective Arabica green bean sampling and cupping, careful Chinook air-flow roasting, deft packaging and shipping. Or drop us a line via email.

  • Award winning coffees

    If you ask our customers they will tell you our beans are pure gold; we have won armfuls of 'official' awards since we started entering the Royal Sydney Agriculture Show's Coffee Tasting Awards, the Royal Hobart Fine Food Show, The Golden Bean roasting competition and more.

  • Champion Gold medal winner, 2015 Sydney Royal Fine Food Show

    Champion Gold medal winner, 2015 Sydney Royal Fine Food Show

  • Select coffee for roasting in Piccolo

    Select a coffee or blend and roast it to perfection in the Picclol Chinook

  • Humans are responsible for the design of a roasted coffee blend

    The skill of a Roasting Manager is required to achieve the Epiphany that is a great coffee blend. Taste buds and olfactories are practically impossible to mechanize.

    The Picclol Chinook Sample Roaster allows us to roast 500 grams to 2 Kgs with the same precision as our production Chinook.

  • Just as our experienced Roasting Manager creates the coffee blend; they also create the roasting recipe or profile that controls every aspect and operational second of the Chinook® Air Flow Coffee Roaster at work.

    Each coffee bean is exposed to the same temperature & that temperature is recorded 10 X Second to assure consistency.

  • Chinook roaster control screen shot

    Chinook's consistent roast control


The skills of the Coffee Roasting Manager

are too important to be tethered to a roasting appliance watching the coffee beans turn brown. Creative humans are not suitable for the repeat work that is manual roasting. This task is better left to a series of temperature probes or a near infrared light sensor. Our Computer Controlled Chinook® coffee roasters in Sydney and Brisbane are unique in their ability to assure consistently accurate small batch coffee roasting time after time. If you work with green coffee, let one of our roasting Managers roast it to perfection! Info?

  • Sydney
    380 Botany Road Alexandria NSW 2012 Phone: 02 8599 1599 Map to Sydney
  • Brisbane

    Unit 1 / 7 Anthony Street
    West End (Brisbane) QLD 4101
    Phone: 07 3999 8900