Roast your own coffee – instore

Roast your own coffee – instore, Alexandria or West End Roasteries

Join us at The Coffee Roaster as we guide you through creating and roasting your own coffee blend or single origin.

In this unique guided session, you will have the opportunity to select one to three coffee origins from around the world to create and roast a custom coffee blend which is yours to take home.

Step into The Coffee Roaster, where the enticing aroma of freshly roasted beans beckons. Revel in the transformative journey from raw bean to aromatic brew. Modern yet welcoming, our roasters, courtesy of Chinook Coffee Roasting Systems, stand ready for you. This sophisticated design is balanced by user-friendly controls, inviting coffee neophytes and seasoned enthusiasts.

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Enter The Coffee Roaster, and be greeted by the aroma of freshly roasted beans. Experience the journey from raw bean to aromatic perfection. Our roasters, from Chinook Coffee Roasting Systems, combine modern design with user-friendly controls. Approachable and intuitive, they invite both newcomers and aficionados to partake in the roasting process.

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Please select from our extensive range of 24+ Single Origin coffees. Our watchful team will guide you through the roasting process. And introduce you to the easy-to-master controls. You’ll see green beans metamorphose into roasted delights as they levitate in a rotating fluidised hot air bed

Even if you’re time-bound, our roastery tour promises a quick, immersive insight. Witness the ballet of beans in the fluidised air bed. Conclude with our Near Infrared roast colour analyser to test the degree to which we roast your coffee.

At The Coffee Roaster, every visit is a deep dive into the world of coffee—an experience awaiting those eager to roll up their sleeves and join the roasting ritual.

Load 1.25 kg green coffee for roasting

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The Coffee Roaster
380 Botany Road
Alexandria, NSW 2015
Phone: 02 8599 1599

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The Coffee Roaster Unit 1
7 Anthony Street
West End (Brisbane) QLD 4101
Phone: 07 3999 8900