Tour our Sydney and Brisbane roasteries

During our tours, we show you the preparation for roasting coffee beans, choosing the blend, roasting, cooling and bagging. Questions will be answered at any time during the tour.

The tour will consist of the following steps in the same approximate order.

Upon arrival we will go up to the green coffee bean loft. While in this area the attendees will view Specialty Grade Arabica coffee from several different countries. Among these will be Fairtrade Organic coffee, Rainforest Alliance Organic coffee and Swiss water decaf processed organic coffee.

A batch of green coffee will be selected and loaded into the Chinook® Fresh Air coffee roaster, the roasting recipe (profile) associated with the blend will be selected and the roasting process started.

We will proceed downstairs to watch the coffee roasting while monitoring the roasting status and metrics on the Chinook® control panel. During this part of the tour, you will be served a coffee beverage of your choice.

Concurrent with this, we will roast a sample batch of coffee demonstrating how we do preliminary blend development. Once the roasting process is finished (approximately 13 minutes elapse time) we will inspect the roasted coffee. At this point we will talk about quality control. This will involve using our Agtron Infrared Spectrophotometer to test the degree of roast on a sample of the roasted coffee.