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Our innovative Chinook® air flow roasting system, ensures consistent, exceptional quality coffee.

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We aspire to be your local coffee roaster

Obtaining coffee freshly roasted is best;

  • In the retail environment it means you can obtain the desired ageing for your pallet
  • In the wholesale environment the Barista can specify the amount of ageing required

If you’re a coffee roaster and are moving, or anticipating some roaster down-time…

Let’s check your samples’ degree of roast on our Agtron infrared spectrophotometer, create a Chinook® roasting profile for you; we can then seamlessly step in for all your back-up roasting needs.


Consistently roasted Specialty coffee in large or small batches

Ensuring quality through Arabica bean selection, Chinook® air-flow roasting and responsive packaging

We only select the best high-grown Arabica coffee (no robusta!), roast a 500 gram sample in our Chinook sample roaster on a cushion of heated air and evaluate its flavour, body and acidity.

The Chinook® coffee roaster uses air-flow (fluidised bed), instead of conventional drum roasting, this allows the interior of each coffee bean to gradually roast, without the exterior scorching or burning.

The coffee beans are then packed in flexible barrier bags with a one way valve and heat sealed. Each batch is packaged and delivered within hours of roasting or aged to your requirements.

Build the value of your business and associated good will

Most experienced cafe owners recognise that repeat customers represent the overwhelming share of their business.  These customers return because of the quality of the coffee beverage not the name on the foot path barriers or umbrellas.

Differentiate your cafe or espresso bar with a unique award winning blend roasted and packaged by The Coffee Roaster.  A wide variety of packaging is available including colour labeling.