Roasting Services

We provide coffee roasting services to Australian coffee growers and coffee beverage businesses:

Private label roasting for café & espresso bar owners: Our private label roasting services can create a coffee blend with a unique flavour profile to carry your logo thereby improving the value of your good will while increasing coffee beverage sales. Let us show you how to capture credit for great coffee products by raising YOUR business recognition instead of giving credit to the supplier named on your umbrellas & wind breaks.

Local coffee roasting assures freshness and customized coffee ageing:

Specify the exact amount of ageing you require, or take advantage of our freshness promise – shipping within 24 hours of roasting. We keep no roasted product in stock unless we are ageing it for a customer.

Backup roasting services for when you’re moving or anticipating some down time:

Bring your coffee sample(s) to one of our roasterys, using our Agtron infrared spectrophotometer we check the degree of roast and create a roasting profile for you.

The Chinook Fresh Air coffee roaster’s computerised control system can load this roasting profile for repeated consistent runs.

Advantages of using our Chinook® sample & production Fresh Air coffee roasters:

Using our Chinook® Fresh Air Coffee Roasters, Agtron infrared roast colour grader and years of industry knowledge, we can assure accurate roasting flavour development of your coffee season after season regardless of the Roasting Manager in charge.

Contact one of our Roasting Managers at Sydney or Brisbane to discuss your coffee roasting requirements.