What is Drip Coffee? Understanding The Basics Of Drip Coffee

by | Feb 8, 2023 | Uncategorized

You’ve no doubt heard the term drip coffee used before. In fact, it’s more than likely that you’ve even had drip coffee before! In this guide we’ll teach you all you need to know about drip coffee, including what it is, how it’s different, and how to make it at home. 

What is drip coffee?

Drip coffee is a brewing method that involves filtering hot water over ground coffee and collecting the brew as it drips into a glass or pot below. As the water seeps through the ground coffee beans, it extracts the compounds that give coffee its delicious flavour. This brewing style is one of the most common and easiest ways to make freshly brewed coffee at home.  

Drip coffee can be made manually by pouring hot water over coffee grounds contained in a filter (pour over) or by using a coffee maker. 

How is drip coffee different from other types of coffee?

Drip coffee is different to espresso, French press, or percolator coffee. Most drip coffee is made using a drip coffee maker which relies on thermally induced pressure to send water up the machine and gravity to slowly seep it down through the grounds. 

Unlike other methods, drip coffee is brewed more slowly and less volume of coffee grounds is dissolved in the process. If paper filters are used, many of the coffee’s oils that would be present in espresso, French press, or percolator coffee would also be absorbed. As a result, drip coffee won’t have any crema unless you use a metal filter. 

For the average person making coffee at home, a cup of hot drip coffee is much easier and more convenient to make than other more involved methods. In most cases you just click a button on your coffee maker and walk away while your coffee is brewed. 

How do you make drip coffee?

How to brew drip coffee will depend on whether you use the pour over method (manual), drip filter coffee machines, or drip coffee bags. We will describe each method briefly below. 

How to make pour over drip coffee

To make pour over coffee, simply scoop your ground coffee in a filter over your cup or pot. Then use a kettle (preferably with a gooseneck spout) to slowly pour hot water over the ground coffee and into the vessel. Wait for the water to pass through the grounds before pouring in more. 

How to use drip coffee makers

To make drip coffee using drip coffee makers, fill the water tank with room temperature water. Most machines will be marked with the number of cups so you can fill up the amount of coffee you want to make. Pour your ground coffee into the basket using a coffee scoop (about two tablespoons). Then press start! Wait for the coffee to finish pouring completely into the pot before you drink up. 

How to use drip coffee bags

Using drip coffee bags is just another way of making pour over coffee. Simply tear the top of the coffee bag open and shake it to level the coffee inside. Then place over the side of your cup and slowly pour hot water over the grounds. 

Is cold drip coffee the same as cold brew?

You may have heard the terms cold drip and cold brew coffee before. These two types of brewing methods are a hot trend in Aussie cafes, especially on hot summer days when you want a refreshing cup of coffee! But while they sound similar, the two brewing methods are different. 

Cold brew coffee is an immersion technique that uses time instead of heat to extract the caffeine and oils from coffee. It’s made by combining coffee grounds with cold water and leaving them to brew over a long period of time (anywhere from 18-24 hours). The liquid is then filtered before drinking. 

Cold drip coffee is made using a special vessel called a cold drip tower (you may have seen these fancy contraptions in cafes). In this coffee brewing method the water and coffee grounds are kept separate. Cold water is poured through the top of the tower and slowly filters through the freshly ground coffee, dripping into a vessel at the bottom of the tower. Cold drip is also a time-consuming brewing process, taking anywhere from 3.5 – 12 hours to brew. 

Besides being two different methods of brewing coffee, you can consider cold brew to be lighter than cold drip, which tends to have a fuller and richer body. Another key difference between the two is that you can easily make cold brew at home without any special devices, while cold drip requires the use of a drip tower. 

Tips for making the best drip coffee at home

Whether you’re using a drip coffee maker or making a pour over coffee, keep these tips in mind to consistently make a delicious cup of drip coffee at home. 

Use medium grind coffee beans

Medium grind is best for making drip brewed coffee. If you use very fine coffee grounds, like the type used in espresso machines, you may end up with a very bitter and strong cup of coffee. On the other hand, if your coffee is grinded too coarsely then your coffee will be weak as the water will pass through too fast. 

Freshly ground is best

It should come as no surprise that the best cups of coffee will use freshly roasted coffee beans. If you don’t have a coffee grinder at home, be sure to order from a roaster that delivers coffee freshly roasted to your home. This way your drip coffee will retain the best flavour and aroma. 

Brew more coffee rather than less

If you’re using a coffee maker, it’s best to brew at least half a pot of coffee. Making less than that will result in a weaker coffee as the water passes through the ground coffee too quickly. 

Consider your filter

The type of filter you use can affect the taste and body when brewing coffee. Using a paper filter results in a cleaner cup as the filter retains more of the soluble solids in the coffee. However it will also retain the oils which can result in a flatter taste. A mesh filter is a good alternative. If you choose to go with a mesh filter then be sure to grind your coffee coarser. 

Make drip coffee at home with premium freshly ground beans 

No matter which coffee brewing methods you choose, drip coffee will always taste better with freshly roasted beans. Make each cup of coffee a next-level experience with our premium range of single origin and coffee blends, freshly roasted and delivered to your door within 24 hours of roasting.