Papua New Guinea Single Origin Coffee

Papua New Guinea is known for its well-balanced coffee that’s typically wet processed with mild, mellow flavours and clean taste. Single origin coffees from Papua New Guinea tend to have lots of oils which come out even with a medium roast, making them a great choice for a french press. 

Our Papua New Guinea single origin coffee beans include the renowned Kimel bean, grown in the country’s mountainous highlands in rich, volcanic soil that’s fertilised with coffee pulp. The result is a full-bodied coffee, similar to Indonesian coffees, with intense chocolatey, citrusy, and occasionally savoury taste notes. This single origin Papua New Guinea coffee is grown sustainably using a combination of unique environmental and plantation practices. 

Buy Papua New Guinean single origin coffee online

Taste the unique flavours of Papua New Guinea’s coffee growing climate and order online to have freshly roasted Papua New Guinean coffee delivered straight to your door. We roast our single origin beans to order and you can choose from a light, medium, or dark roast according to your preference. 

When you buy online you can choose to make a one-off purchase of single origin Papua New Guinea coffee or go for a weeky or monthly subscription to enjoy continuously freshly roasted coffee, the way it should be. Click on each of our Papua New Guinea single origin coffee products to read more about the growing region, harvest times, and flavour notes. If you have any questions, reach out to our team and we’ll be happy to help.