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Travel through Cuba in your coffee cup with our range of single origin Cuban coffee. Soft and elegant with great body, Cuba’s single origin coffee beans carry strong flavours with hints of cacao. Traditionally dark roasted, finally ground, and prepared espresso-style, Cuban coffee can also be enjoyed with milk. 

Cuba has been a coffee-growing nation for more than 200 years and is known for its strong coffee with strong flavours. Many single origin coffees from Cuba are hand-picked from plants growing on the lush green hillsides. Taste the unique flavours of the Cuban landscape with our single origin coffee today. 

Buy Cuban single origin coffee online

Our single origin Cuban coffees are roasted to order when you buy online. Click through to read more about each coffee including where it was sourced, harvest time, and flavour notes. When you order online you can choose whether you want your Cuban single origin coffee as beans or freshly ground. 

We deliver our freshly roasted Cuban single origin coffee Australia-wide with express shipping. Contact us if you want more information on any of our single origin coffees and our team will be happy to recommend a coffee that suits your tastes.