Costa Rica Single Origin Coffee

Costa Rican coffee is considered to have some of the best flavour profiles in South America, and there’s no better way to enjoy the region’s unique coffees than with a single origin Costa Rica coffee. Known for its full body, rich flavour, and crisp acidity, single origin Costa Rican coffee is a delight for any coffee lover. 

Our Costa Rican single origin coffee beans are harvested in the Turrialba region from the La Lapa bean. Grown in a region that converges the Caribbean and Pacific climates, our Costa Rican single origin beans carry a delicate flavour with subtle, brown sugar sweetness and a pleasant acidity. 

Buy Costa Rican single origin coffee online

Order online and we will freshly roast and deliver your single origin Costa Rican coffee straight to your door, Australia-wide. When you buy online you can choose whether you want your coffee roasted light, medium, and dark, and if you’d like to have your coffee delivered ground.  

Click on our single origin coffee Costa Rica to read more about the growing region, processing method, and flavour notes. If you’d like more information or need some help choosing the right single origin coffee bean for your tastes, get in touch with our team and we’ll be happy to help.