Colombia Single Origin Coffee

Explore Colombia’s various coffee producing regions with our range of single origin Colombian coffee. This region is known for its smooth, easy-to-drink coffees with excellent body and an agreeable acidity. Single origin coffee from Colombia tends to carry hints of sweet, chocolately flavours and citrusy notes and works well medium or dark roast. You’ll often find Colombian coffee used as a base in popular coffee blends, however there’s no better way to enjoy its high quality coffee than with single origin. 

Almost all single origin coffee Colombia is grown at high altitudes and wet processed. The country is an ideal coffee growing region with heavy rainfall and coffee grown in various climates and geographical settings, harvested at different times throughout the year. This means every single origin Colombian coffee you drink will be exceptionally different. 

Buy Colombian single origin coffee online

We have single origin Colombian coffee from different regions including the popular Tolima region which is renowned for its exceptional coffee. To read more about our Colombian coffee, including the region where it was grown, flavour notes, and harvest times, click through each product. 

All our single origins are roasted to order when you buy online and delivered fresh to your door Australia-wide. Buy online and choose whether you want your Colombia single origin coffee to be delivered as beans or freshly ground. Need helping choosing the best single origin Colombian coffee? Get in touch with our team and we’ll happily advise you.