Indian Mysore Nuggets Extra Bold


Taste notes – “juicy, cocoa, caramel, soft, rounded, bright, very clean”



The Ratnagiri Estate is located in the Baba Budan Mountain Range, Karnataka, South West India (Western Ghats) It has built a global reputation for producing some of India’s finest washed Arabica. The estate was established in 1923, handed down over three generations and located in the Baba Budan Mountain Range. This is where it is said the first coffee was planted in India by Bababuda – a pilgrim from Yemen. Shivappaiya Patre first purchased the estate in 1923 and named it the Ratnagiri Estate, inspired by the beautiful mountains. The name translates to Pearl Mountain.


  • Region  South Indian Western Ghats
  • Producer  Ratnagiri Estate
  • Harvest November – March
  • Type  Arabica
  • Varietals  Selections 795, 5 & 9, Cauvery
  • Processing  Washed
  • Altitude 1150-1350 MASL
  • Prep  De-stoned, density graded