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Try a Single Origin!

Roast to Order (Blend)

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The Coffee Roasters roast to order is an unprecedented innovation for the coffee connoisseur and industry alike. Here you have complete control and say over how your beans are roasted. The Chinook system enables the online roaster power over his blend that’s never before been achievable. You can choose to try any of our specialty 18 single origins or to blend them to create your own unique blend.

Brought to you by Chinook® Roasting Technology!

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The Chinook® is the next major innovation for the coffee industry. Chinook Roasters capitalise on a simply elegant process, fluidised air bed roasting, for uniform and accurate roasting with unparalleled consistency. Real time readings for both coffee bean and inlet air temperatures combined with Chinook’s patented temperature differential parameter allows the Piccolo Chinook to emulate any type of roaster in today’s market.Using our Chinook® Air Flow Coffee Roasters, Agtron infrared roast colour grader and years of industry knowledge, we can assure accurate roasting flavour development of your coffee season after season.

Control like never before!

…perfection is in your hands…

The Coffee Roasters roasting technology allows the roaster to control and change the parameters of your roast to an accuracy down to half a degree centigrade! The control parameters are Inlet Air Temperature Target which controls the exterior of the bean, Bean Target Temperature which controls the Interior of the bean and the Temperature Differential which effects how the heat is applied resulting in a gradual to a violent roast. Through this technology the roaster is more powerful and in control than ever before!