TCR06 – Afro Java

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Tasting notes; “Mild sweet fruit, spice, dark sugar, floral wine.”

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Here is a story problem: Equal parts of Kenyan & Ethiopian to which 50% Sumatran Mandheling has been added for syrupy smoothness. There, we’ve told you the formula, but you can’t duplicate the clean fresh taste developed by our Chinook Air Flow coffee roaster.

We’ve received compliments from customers using this blend on home espresso machines. It seems to taste great and be very forgiving.

TCR06 is used for our long blacks in the TCR sydney espresso bar.

Tasting notes; “Mild sweet fruit, spice, dark sugar, floral wine.”


  • 48% Sumatra
  • 26% Ethiopia
  • 26% Kenya

Equal parts Kenyan/Ethiopian coffee with 50% Sumatran Mandheling added for syrupy smoothness. This is an exceptional coffee with notes of mild sweet fruit, spice, dark sugar, and floral line. The cherry on top is the clean, fresh taste developed by our Chinook Air Flow coffee roaster.

Ethiopian beans provide a complex flavour with tasting notes of fruit and wine, while Kenyan coffee adds a more full-bodied richness with complex fruity tones and a dry, wine-like aftertaste. The addition of Sumatra Mandheling intensifies the body with a rich, complex flavour with tones of sweet chocolate, spice, and liquorice.

Customers have expressed how much they love using this coffee blend on home espresso machines. It tastes great and is very forgiving. We use the Afro Java in our long blacks made at our TCR Sydney espresso bar.

Buy our Afro Java blend online

Experience this uniquely flavourful coffee blend and see why our customers love it so much! You can buy the Afro Java blend online, and our expert roasters will freshly air-roast your coffee beans to order. Please choose your preferred roast level, or let us meticulously roast the beans to bring out the best of the coffee’s natural characteristics.

If you prefer to buy Afro Java ground, choose your desired brewing method when you checkout, and we’ll grind your beans to the perfect size. If you’re a coffee aficionado who loves trying new and different coffee blends, you’ll love our coffee subscription. Buy this coffee with a weekly or monthly subscription, and you’ll never have to worry about running out of your favourite brew again!

We’ve been expertly air-roasting coffee since 1992, and are committed to delivering freshly roasted and ground coffee to your door anywhere in Australia. So order now to enjoy your own cup of Afro Java and discover what makes it so unique.

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