MEXICO – Chiapas High Grown Organic

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Tasting notes: Complex, citrusy acidity against a balanced chocolate-toffee sweetness

Mexico’s varied topography makes it possible to cultivate excellent coffee, and its best-known province, Chiapas, shares a mountain range with Huehuetenango, one of Guatemala’s best coffee-growing regions. The bio-diversity in the other developing areas is amazing and is establishing a standard for the entire planet.

"Gingery, sweet, nutty"

REGION: Chiapas
TYPE: Arabica 
ALTITUDE: 200 - 1200 MASL
ROAST LEVEL: Medium Dark

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The Rich and Flavorful World of Mexican Coffee from Chiapas

Nestled in the heart of Mexico’s southernmost state, Chiapas coffee farms boast a combination of lush rainforests, high altitudes, and the perfect balance of rainfall and sunshine. This unique landscape and the region’s dedication to organic farming and sustainable practices contribute to the distinctive flavour profile of Chiapas coffee beans. As a specialty coffee roasting company, we are proud to showcase the exceptional taste and quality of Mexican Chiapas Organic coffee in our selection.

Discovering the Unique Attributes of Chiapas Coffee

The Chiapas Highlands, situated in the Sierra Madre de Chiapas mountains, provide an ideal environment for coffee cultivation. With elevations reaching 1,200 to 1,750 meters above sea level, the surrounding forest canopy shades the coffee grown by local coffee farms. These growing conditions contribute to the complex characteristics of Chiapas coffee, which delicately balances chocolate tones with bright acidity.

The Soconusco region, which borders Guatemala’s famed Huehuetenango department, is renowned for its coffee production. Over one-third of Soconusco’s arable land is dedicated to coffee farming, a testament to the region’s long history of producing high-quality beans for export since the late 1800s. Most coffee farmers in Chiapas are smallholders, relying on coffee as a primary cash crop.

The commitment to organic farming practices in Chiapas is beneficial for the environment and results in a delightful flavour profile that includes marzipan, orange, red apple, and granola. This light coffee with satisfying acidity is a beautiful example of Chiapas’ agricultural excellence.

Chiapas Coffee: A Sustainable Choice

Chiapas coffee farmers prioritize conserving and revitalizing the land’s resources. Chiapas is home to the Sierra Madre Mountains, which provide the perfect combination of rainfall and sunshine for Specialty Grade strictly high grown (SHG) coffee beans. In addition, organic, Rainforest Alliance, shade-grown, and bird-friendly practices are implemented in the region, which has earned recognition in the form of the National Ecological Prize for environmental stewardship in 1996.

The transition back to organic farming techniques in Chiapas aims to achieve self-sufficiency and create sustainability for local communities. Developing a network of Fair Trade farmers’ cooperatives is helping to improve the quality of life for the people in the region.

Fresh Roasted Chiapas Coffee: A Flavorful Experience

As a specialty coffee roasting company, we are dedicated to offering fresh roasted Chiapas coffee that highlights this remarkable region’s unique flavors and characteristics. Our expert roasting techniques preserve the natural flavours and aromas of the beans, ensuring an unparalleled taste experience.

Whether you prefer a medium or dark roast, our Mexican Chiapas Organic coffee offers a well-balanced, smooth body with a sweet acidity. Chocolate and nutty flavors become more apparent at darker roasts, while medium roasts emphasize citrus and lemon notes, resulting in a more acidic profile.

In Conclusion

Chiapas coffee represents a beautiful marriage of sustainable farming practices, a rich history of coffee cultivation, and a diverse landscape that contributes to the beans’ unique flavour profile. As a specialty coffee roasting company, we are honoured to share the exceptional taste and quality of Chiapas coffee with our customers. We invite you to indulge in the captivating world of fresh roasted Chiapas coffee and experience the distinct flavours, aromas, and complexities that make it a valued offering in the world of specialty coffee.

Exploring the Origins of Chiapas Coffee

The coffee-producing region of Chiapas shares a border with Guatemala, and, unsurprisingly, the beans of both areas exhibit similar characteristics. Chiapas coffee is often considered the “little brother” of Guatemala’s Huehuetenango region, with its bright, sweet, and fruity flavours complemented by a hint of clove spice. We trace the introduction of coffee to Chiapas back to neighbouring Guatemala, which may explain the similarities in taste profiles and qualities.

The Rich Biodiversity of Chiapas Coffee Farms

One of the distinguishing features of Chiapas coffee farms is their commitment to preserving the area’s rich biodiversity. Coffee farms in the region are often interwoven with tropical forests, creating a harmonious balance between agriculture and nature. As a result, the canopies of these farms are teeming with life, while the fields are filled with coffee trees, fruit trees, and vegetables, all flourishing in nutrient-rich soil.

The wet processing method, which involves removing the skin and pulp of the cherry after harvesting, is commonly used in Chiapas. This technique results in a well-balanced coffee with good delivery and a smooth body. Most coffee producers in the region hand-pulp their beans, ferment them in small tanks, and rake and dry them on small patios on their properties. The parchment is then sorted and graded at the dry mill, ensuring the highest quality Chiapas coffee beans make their way to your cup.

Experience the Refreshing Taste of Organic Mexican Chiapas Coffee

Mexican Chiapas Organic Coffee is a medium-bodied coffee with a crisp finish. Its slightly nutty flavour and refreshing taste make it an excellent choice for coffee enthusiasts looking for a unique and satisfying experience. As a specialty coffee roasting company, we take pride in roasting this exceptional coffee each morning and shipping it in the afternoon, ensuring that we deliver the freshest and most flavorful Chiapas beans to our customers.

The Future of Chiapas Coffee

Chiapas Coffee is a testament to the dedication and hard work of the region’s farmers, who prioritize sustainable practices and organic farming techniques. The continued support of Fair Trade cooperatives and the ongoing transition to organic farming methods ensure a promising future for Chiapas coffee and the communities that rely on it.

As a specialty coffee roasting company, we are committed to celebrating the unique flavours and characteristics of Chiapas coffee while supporting the sustainable practices that make it possible. We invite you to join us on this journey, experiencing the unparalleled taste and quality of fresh-roasted Chiapas coffee and discovering the rich history and vibrant culture that makes this remarkable region a true gem in the world of specialty coffee.

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