Kenya – Peaberry

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The bean produces a well-balanced cup with flavours of orange and hints of vanilla for a smooth – long finish.
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Medium, well balanced



Kenya Peaberry is a single origin coffee grown in the mountainous regions of Kenya. The coffee beans are known for their unique shape which is smaller and rounder than traditional coffee beans, hence the name ‘peaberry’. 

Peaberry beans are formed when a single coffee cherry produces only one seed instead of two. As a result, the coffee cherry channels all of its nutrients and flavours into the one seed. This makes the Kenya Peaberry a distinct and unique coffee that’s generally considered to be more intense and complex than traditional coffee beans. 

Kenya Peaberry is a bright, sweet coffee with fruity notes and savoury undertones. It offers a well-balanced cup with a smooth, long finish that tastes fantastic in espressos and filtered coffee, and combines well with milk and cream. This single origin coffee is also ethically and sustainably grown, making it a conscious cup of coffee as well as a delicious one. 

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