Indian Mysore Nuggets Extra Bold

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Taste notes – “juicy, cocoa, caramel, soft, rounded, bright, very clean”

Origin: INDIA
Region: South Indian Western Ghats
Producer: Estates and small holders
Packing: 60kg
Harvest: November – March
Type: Arabica
Varietals: Selections 795, 5 & 9, Cauvery
Processing: Washed
Altitude 1150-1350 MASL


The Ratnagiri Estate is located in the Baba Budan Mountain Range, Karnataka, South West India (Western Ghats) It has built a global reputation for producing some of the finest Indian Mysore Nuggets Extra Bold. The estate was established in 1923, handed down over three generations and located in the Baba Budan Mountain Range. This is where it is said the first coffee was planted in India by Bababuda – a pilgrim from Yemen. Shivappaiya Patre first purchased the estate in 1923 and named it the Ratnagiri Estate, inspired by the beautiful mountains. The name translates to Pearl Mountain.

India Flavour Map

Discover the Rich and Exquisite Taste of India Mysore Nuggets Extra Bold Coffee Beans


India’s coffee scene is filled with rich history, unique traditions, and some of the finest coffee beans in the world. Among the exceptional Indian coffee beans, the Mysore Nuggets Extra Bold (MNEB) has become a popular choice for coffee connoisseurs globally. Known for its intense flavour, low acidity, and smooth finish, this premium coffee from the Southwestern region of India is a must-try for those seeking a unique coffee experience.

History of Indian Coffee

Indian coffee production dates back to the 17th century when the first coffee plants were introduced by a Muslim saint named Baba Budan. Since then, India has become a significant player in the global coffee market, with its coffees known for their distinct flavours and exceptional quality. Indian coffee houses have also gained a reputation for serving delicious, traditional Indian filter coffee that delights both locals and tourists alike.

The Origins of Mysore Nuggets Extra Bold

Mysore, a city (or district) in the Southwestern region of India, is the birthplace of the Mysore Nuggets Extra Bold Coffee Beans. This premium grading from the Mysore region is a product of a semi-dwarf varietal known for producing large beans. The unique bean size contributes to the more intense flavour and richer finish that distinguishes MNEB from other Indian coffees.

Flavour Profile

Indian Mysore Nuggets Extra Bold Coffee Beans are characterized by their full-bodied, intense taste that lingers on the palate. When brewed, you can expect to taste a delightful combination of orange citrus flavour with dark, strong caramel, toffee, and chocolate. The soft and delicate acidity of Indian coffee beans makes them stand out from the rest, along with their perfect bean shape.

In milk-based beverages, Indian coffees, including MNEB, develop a smooth, silky, and rich taste. Thanks to their excellent acidity, they pair perfectly with milk, making them a perfect choice for lattes, cappuccinos, and other milk-based coffee drinks.


India Mysore Nuggets Extra Bold Coffee is suitable for various coffee styles, including espresso machine, plunger, filter, or stovetop. Whether you prefer a traditional Indian filter coffee or a bold espresso shot, MNEB will provide a unique and satisfying experience.

Air Roasting Coffee with a Chinook Coffee Roaster

When it comes to roasting coffee, the method plays a crucial role in extracting the best flavours from the beans. Air roasting coffee using a Chinook Coffee Roaster is an innovative technology that ensures the beans roast evenly while preserving their distinct taste profile. This cutting-edge roasting method uses hot air to levitate the beans, preventing them from touching the hot surfaces and ensuring consistent roasting throughout.

Roasting Indian coffee beans, such as Mysore Nuggets Extra Bold, using a Chinook Coffee Roaster allows for better temperature control and precision, resulting in a smooth, rich, and clean finish. The air roasting process also eliminates the need for manual stirring, which ensures a more uniform roast, enhancing the unique flavour characteristics of Indian coffee beans.

The Perfect Brew

To fully appreciate the intricate flavours of Indian Mysore Nuggets Extra Bold Coffee Beans, it’s essential to use the right brewing method. For a traditional experience, try brewing these beans using an Indian coffee filter called a ‘drip pot.’ This technique allows for a slow extraction, which enhances the delicate flavours and aroma of the coffee.

However, if you’re a fan of espresso or other coffee styles, rest assured that MNEB will provide a delicious and satisfying cup, regardless of your preferred brewing method. Experiment with different techniques, such as a French press, pour-over, or stovetop espresso maker, to find the one that best highlights the unique characteristics of Mysore Nuggets Extra Bold Coffee Beans.

Pairing Suggestions

Indian coffee, with its distinctive flavours and delicate acidity, pairs beautifully with various foods. To accentuate the taste of your Mysore Nuggets Extra Bold Coffee, consider pairing it with traditional Indian snacks or sweets, such as samosas, pakoras, or jalebi. The spices and flavours in these dishes will complement the coffee’s rich taste profile, creating a delightful gastronomic experience.

Try pairing MNEB with rich chocolate desserts, buttery pastries, or nutty treats for a more Western approach. These complementary flavours will enhance the coffee’s natural caramel, toffee, and chocolate notes, resulting in a truly indulgent experience.


India Mysore Nuggets Extra Bold Coffee Beans offer a unique and flavorful journey for coffee enthusiasts worldwide. With their distinct taste profile, versatility, and delightful pairing possibilities, it’s no wonder they have become a staple in many coffee roasters’ portfolios. Don’t miss the opportunity to explore the rich world of Indian coffee beans and indulge in the exquisite taste of Mysore Nuggets Extra Bold. And our use of the Chinook Coffee Roaster for air roasting these beans will ensure a smooth, rich, and clean finish that will elevate your coffee experience even further.

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