INDIA – Monsoon Malabar ( R.T.O )

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Taste notes – “Thick, chocolatey, lots of character, light almost savory notes”

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Medium, clean




Toffee and butter


This is a one-of-a-kind single origin coffee that’s unique to India, grown in the coastal Malabar region and processed during the rainy monsoon season. The unique processing of these coffee beans imparts a distinct flavour profile that cannot be found in any other coffee bean. 

India Monsoon Malabar beans are harvested by hand and stored in open warehouses where they are exposed to the humid monsoon winds over a period of 2-3 months. During this time, the beans absorb the tropical weather’s moisture and swell to almost double their size, losing a lot of acidity in the process. 

The result is an AA grade coffee with a medium, clean body and virtually no acidity. Its mellow yet subtle flavours carry hints of toffee, chocolate, and butter, with light, almost savoury and spicy notes. This thick coffee holds up rounded in the palette and has a clean finish with no trace of acid. 

India Monsoon Malabar is a coffee lover’s dream, perfect for those who appreciate unique and unconventional coffee that’s made differently. It makes a versatile cuppa that can be enjoyed black or with milk. 

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Don’t miss out on trying this exclusive coffee and seeing what makes it so unique! Buy online and we will freshly air roast your India Monsoon Malabar AA coffee beans to order. Choose your roast preference or let our roasters bring out the best of the bean’s characteristics. If you’d like to order ground India Monsoon Malabar, simply choose your brewing method when you check out and we’ll grind your coffee beans to the right size. 

We’re coffee aficionados that have been expertly air roasting coffee in our Brisbane and Sydney locations since 1992. When you order, you can expect a freshly ground and roasted coffee delivered to your door anywhere in Australia. Order your India Monsoon Malabar coffee now and experience this exceptional coffee for yourself!

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