Guatemalan SHG

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Plum, fruity, cocoa, milk chocolate, soft spice, medium acidity, smooth, full-bodied

  • REGION: Sacatepéquez, Antigua
  • TYPE: Arabica 
  • VARIETALS: Sarchimor, Caturra, Anacafe 14
  • PROCESSING: Washed
  • ALTITUDE: 1400 – 1700 MASL
  • ROAST LEVEL: Medium Dark


Guatemala Antigua Acate

Sourced from family-owned farms located near the city of Antigua between two volcanoes named Agua (water) and Fuego (fire).

Rich volcanic soil, low humidity, lots of sun and cool nights characterize the Antigua region. Average temperatures range from 16 – 26º Celsius with 1200-1500mm rainfall per year.

Guatemala SHB Flavour Map

The Magic of Guatemala Coffee Farms and their Coffee Beans.


Guatemala, A land of vibrant culture, diverse landscapes, and, most importantly, outstanding coffee. If you’re a coffee lover like us, you’re going to want to cozy up and enjoy this tale of the exceptional beans that hail from the majestic coffee farms of Guatemala. As coffee roasters, we’ve seen our fair share of coffee beans, but we can tell you, there’s something uniquely special about Guatemala single origin coffee, especially when air roasted.

A Land Blessed by Fire and Water

When we think of Guatemala coffee farms, we think of fertile lands nestled between two grand volcanoes, Agua (water) and Fuego (fire), in the Antigua region. These imposing giants have blessed the region with rich volcanic soil, low humidity, lots of sun, and cool nights, creating the perfect conditions for growing exceptional coffee beans. The region’s climate, with average temperatures ranging from 16 to 26º Celsius and 1200-1500mm of rainfall per year, only adds to the beans’ incredible flavors and aromas.

The Enchanting Acatenango

One of the most distinguished Guatemala coffee beans comes from the family-owned farms near the city of Antigua. These farms lie in the shadow of the awe-inspiring Acatenango volcano, which overlooks the La Esperanza Coffee mill’s patios where the coffee is meticulously processed. The Acatenango volcano doesn’t just provide a jaw-dropping backdrop; its mineral-rich soils contribute to the unique flavor profile of these exceptional beans.

The Pride of Guatemala: Single Origin Coffee

Guatemala single origin coffee is highly sought after by coffee connoisseurs worldwide, and it’s not hard to see why. Each cup offers a perfect balance of flavors, with notes of chocolate, caramel, and fruits that’ll make your taste buds dance. The beans’ medium body and bright acidity make for a delightful drinking experience that’ll keep you coming back for more.

Now, let’s dive deeper into the wonderful world of Guatemala coffee beans and explore the unique characteristics that set them apart from the rest, including the benefits of air roasting.

Bourbon and Caturra: The Varietals of Choice

Many of the Guatemala coffee farms grow two main varietals, Bourbon and Caturra. Bourbon beans, known for their sweetness and balanced flavor profile, are a perfect match for the mineral-rich soils of Antigua. Caturra, a mutation of Bourbon, is a hardier plant that produces a slightly higher yield. These beans boast a bright acidity and nuanced flavors, making them a popular choice for coffee enthusiasts.

Strictly Hard Bean (SHB) Classification

Guatemala’s coffee beans are renowned for their high quality, and that’s no accident. Beans grown in the Antigua region are classified as Strictly Hard Bean (SHB), meaning they’re grown at elevations of 1,200 meters or higher. This classification ensures that the beans are denser and more flavorful than their lower-altitude counterparts. We air roast our Guatemala coffee beans which allows us to highlight their natural flavors and aromas without over-roasting

The Art of Processing

The Guatemala coffee beans’ journey from farm to cup is a labor of love. After the ripe cherries are hand-picked, they’re carefully processed at the offee mill. This often involves wet processing, where the cherries are depulped, fermented, and washed before being laid out to dry on patios under the watchful gaze of the Acatenango volcano. This attention to detail results in beans with a clean and bright flavor profile that’s hard to resist.

Sustainable and Ethical Practices

Family-owned Guatemala coffee farms take pride in their sustainable and ethical practices. Many of these farms have implemented environmentally friendly techniques, such as using organic fertilizers and conserving water, to reduce their ecological footprint. Additionally, the farms prioritize fair labor practices, ensuring that workers are treated with respect and paid fairly for their hard work. These values contribute to the overall quality of the coffee beans, as well as the long-term health and sustainability of the farms and communities.

A Labor of Love: The Role of Families and Communities

Guatemala coffee farms are often family-owned and operated, passing down coffee cultivation knowledge and traditions from generation to generation. These families are committed to producing the best quality beans while preserving the land for future generations. The close-knit communities that surround these farms are also an integral part of the process, with many locals working on the farms or contributing their expertise in various ways.

The Roastmaster’s Touch: The Benefits of Air Roasting

As a coffee roasters, we can attest to the joys and challenges of roasting Guatemala coffee beans. The SHB classification means these beans need special attention and care during the roasting process. One technique that’s particularly well-suited to bringing out the best in these beans is air roasting.

Air roasting involves using hot air to roast the beans, resulting in a more even and controlled roast. This method allows for a faster roasting time, which means less time for the beans to lose their natural flavors and aromas. Additionally, air roasting can reduce the beans’ bitterness and acidity, leading to a smoother, more balanced cup of coffee.

The goal when air roasting Guatemala coffee beans is to highlight their natural flavors and aromas without over-roasting and masking their unique characteristics. The result is a cup of coffee that showcases the best of what Guatemala has to offer: a delightful balance of sweetness, acidity, and complexity.


Guatemala coffee farms and their exceptional beans hold a special place in the hearts of coffee lovers like us. From the rich volcanic soils to the dedicated families who work tirelessly to produce these remarkable beans, Guatemala single origin coffee is truly something to be cherished. Air roasting these beans only adds to their allure, enhancing their natural flavors and creating an unforgettable coffee experience. The next time you enjoy a cup, take a moment to appreciate the journey these beans have taken and the people who have poured their passion and expertise into crafting the perfect cup of coffee. Cheers to the magic of Guatemala coffee and the benefits of air roasting!Top of Form

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