Colombia Supremo Bachue, Tenza Valley


Tasting notes -This coffee is a stand out, lovely rich notes of dark, ripe plums, cherry, chocolate, pear, currants and a touch of citrus.



High grown in the area Bogotá on the central branch of the Andean Mountains our Tenza Valley comes from two coffee producer groups. Between them, they cultivate approximately 1,215 hectares of coffee cherry’s. The farming groups have opposite growing cycles which allows good crop availability through the year. With an average temperatures of 19 – 24ºC and 1500-2000ml rainfall, it’s an ideal coffee growing area. As well as coffee, the area produces maize, garden vegetables, oranges, pineapples, mangoes and avocados.


  • Region  Lengupa and Tenza Valleys
  • Producer  Two selected grower groups
  • Harvest May – July
  • Type  Arabica
  • Varietals  Typica, Caturra, Colombia
  • Processing  Fully Washed
  • Altitude 1400 – 1800 MASL
  • Prep  Screen 18


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