Organic Colombian Coffee Beans

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Colombia produces Organic Colombian coffee beans with a clean cup, agreeable acidity, and excellent body.

The second-largest exporter of Arabica coffee worldwide is Colombia. Arabica is the only species of coffee that is farmed, and almost all of it is grown at a high elevation and processed wet. With an average temperatures of 19 – 24ºC and 1500-2000ml rainfall, it’s an ideal coffee growing area. These areas have a variety of climates and geographical settings, each of which gives Organic Colombian coffee its distinct flavours.

In fact, Organic Colombian coffee is produced in most Colombian regions throughout the year.

The way dealers and farmers conduct business is changing as the speciality industry receives more attention. Farmers are increasingly separating the best beans from their lots and selling them separately. These Specialty Organic Colombian coffees are the focus of The Coffee Roaster.


About the producer:

Small holder farms in the Tolima region, averaging 3 hectares per farm.

  • ORIGIN: Colombia
  • REGION: Sur de Tolima
  • PRODUCER: Asociacion de Producers Ecologicos de Planadas
  • TYPE: Arabica
  • CERTIFICATION: NASAA Organic Certified
  • VARIETALS: Colombia, Caturra, Castillo
  • HARVEST: Sept – December, main crop
  • PROCESSING: European Preparation
  • ALTITUDE: 1600-1900 MASL
  • ROAST LEVEL: Light, Medium or Medium Dark
Colombia Flavour Map
Colombia Excelso Flavour Map
Welcome to the world of Colombian coffee! As a coffee professional, it’s a pleasure to introduce you to the diverse and delicious coffee from the South of Tolima region, produced by the Asociacion de Producers ecologicos de Planadas.

Colombia has been renowned for its coffee production since the early 19th century, and this tradition is still evident in the clean cup, agreeable acidity, and excellent body of the coffee. The Sur de Tolima region is home to many smallholder farms, with an average size of 3 hectares per farm. The region’s high elevation, averaging 1600-1900 MASL, coupled with an average temperature of 19-24ºC and 1500-2000ml rainfall, creates the ideal conditions for growing Arabica coffee.

The coffee produced by the Asociacion de Producers ecologicos de Planadas is organically certified by NASAA, which means that it is free from harmful chemicals and produced using environmentally sustainable practices. The varietals of coffee grown in the region are Colombia, Caturra, and Castillo, and the coffee is processed using European preparation, which involves meticulous sorting and grading of the beans.

One of the most interesting things about coffee production in Colombia is the diversity of flavours that arise from the country’s varying climates and geographical settings. Each region produces coffee with its unique flavour profile, and the Sur de Tolima region is no exception. The coffee produced by the Asociacion de Producers ecologicos de Planadas is characterised by a light, medium, or medium-dark roast, and each roasting level brings out different flavour notes, depending on the brewing method used.

In addition to coffee, the Sur de Tolima region produces various fruits and vegetables, such as maise, garden vegetables, oranges, pineapples, mangoes, and avocadoes. This diversity of produce speaks to the richness of the soil and the natural resources the region has to offer.

The specialty coffee industry has changed how dealers and farmers conduct business in Colombia. Farmers are increasingly separating the best beans from their lots and selling them separately, which commands higher prices in the market. This shift towards specialisation has brought greater attention to the unique qualities of coffee produced in the region and the dedication of the producers who grow it.

In conclusion, Colombian coffee, particularly the coffee produced in the Sur de Tolima region by the Asociacion de Producers ecologicos de Planadas, is a true testament to the country’s long-standing tradition of producing high-quality coffee.

The organic certification, meticulous processing, and varying roasting levels all contribute to the rich and diverse flavours that make Colombian coffee so beloved.

So why not grab a bag of Colombian coffee today and experience the richness of the country’s coffee culture for yourself?

Colombia Tolima Region Map

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