Improving our coffee offerings with quality, not quantity.

In Coffee science by Dan Fitzsimmons


Improving our coffee offerings with quality, not quantity.


Over the 28 years The Coffee Roaster has been in business we have created an abundance of coffee blends; a majority award winning coffees.
After analyzing our current offerings of over 30 different blends and single origins we are now striving to improve by providing you with quality, over quantity of coffee.

SO what exactly are we doing?
A small number of our established blends are very similar in taste and composition of origins. We are discontinuing the less popular in favour of its award winning counterpart.
Our roasters have identified 5 blends that will be discontinued along with the recommended replacement. We are confident this will not change your experience of great tasting coffee with us but improve it.  And as always backed by our satisfaction guarantee.

The blends being discontinued are;
TCR07 – Recommended replacement TCR44
TCR08 – Recommended replacement TCR01
TCR15 – Recommended replacement TCR101
TCR21 -  Recommended replacement TCR22
TCR04 -  Recommended Kenya and /or Colombia.

Improving Quality

SO how can we improve our quality? 

For those who have ever been into our roastery/s you will know Technology     
( and lots of coffee ) is what drives us here at The Coffee Roaster.

From weight scale and vacuum loaders for transporting precise amounts of coffee to the roaster. Through to fully automated fluidized air bed roasters,
giving us the perfect roast every time. 

We now introduce a new piece of tech - The Chinook, De-stoner.

Why do you need a De-Stoner? 

Typically green coffee passes through several quality inspections during which defects and foreign objects are removed before it lands at our roaster.

Still some items inevitably make it through, regardless of coffee quality, particularly small stones with similar or heavier weights and/or similar sizes to green coffee beans.

This is where a de-stoner comes in.
And dont be fooled by the name it doesn't just remove stones! 

How does a De-Stoner work? 

De-Stoners are essentially an adjustable vacuum cleaner.

Designed to lift only material with the density of roasted coffee beans and nothing heavier.
This leaves behind any larger/ heavier debris

And how is the Chinook, De-Stoner different? 

The issue with the classic vacuum style De-Stoner is that while it will remove anything heavier than a roasted coffee bean, it still can pull through small debris with the same or lesser weight.

This is where the Chinook De-Stoner stands out. Relying on magnetic interference's, it can detect debris down to as small as .794mm! 

Giving you pristine, beautifully roasted coffee! 


At the coffee roaster we are always striving for the perfect coffee.

For any questions or suggestions as to how we can make your coffee experience better, please email