Classifying the “Degree of Roast”

by | Nov 15, 2013 | Coffee Judging

The visual spectrum, or what the Roasting Manager sees, will give us an approximate measure of the flavour developed in a particular batch of roasted coffee.

A more precise light spectrum is required to measure the roasting degree and assure roasting consistency batch after batch.

Accurate & even roasting is critical. This is no Goldilocks fairy tale; never too dark or too light, always just right.

Light in the near infrared spectrum reflects from roasted coffee in direct proportion to the flavour development achieved at the conclusion of coffee roasting.  The instrument pictured below tells us the roast degree of the inside and outside of the roasted coffee bean.

First we test the roasted coffee beans

The roasted coffee beans are loaded into the sample tray for testing. This testing phase allows us to determine the precise degree to which the outside of the coffee is roasted.

When you are shopping for coffee beans, remember, the colour of the roasted coffee bean is only one clue to the roast quality. It is important that the coffee bean be evenly roasted to the centre.

Next, we test the roasted coffee grounds
This sample of roasted coffee is ground and the same test is applied. The reading we get from testing the ground coffee exposes the internal degree of roast. Evenly roasted Arabica coffee tastes best.

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