Air Roasted Coffee , Enjoy better flavour

by | Jan 6, 2018 | Coffee roasting

Air Roasted Coffee, a revolution in taste

Today’s refined Specialty Grade Arabica coffees deserve to be Air Roasted Coffee.

Modern green coffee has improved dramatically over the last 20 years.  Better techniques are being used for growing, milling, transport and storage.

For example, more and more coffees are being shipped in hessian or jute bags with GrainPro plastic liners.  This assures that varying humidity does not alter the moisture content of the coffee.

Retaining moisture during coffee transport & storage results in increased intensity of aromatics.  These complex flavour contributors are enhanced and focused in Air Roasted Coffee.  Our modern roasting techniques produce High Fidelity coffee flavours from Specialty Grade Arabica coffee.

We roast our coffee one bean at a time

Our roasting systems have several recipes for each coffee. The parameters in one recipe might roast the coffee medium dark caramelizing the sugars to produce an intense creamy espresso.  Another recipe’s parameters might result in a medium light roast for pour over brewing or cold brew.

The precisely required temperature is applied to each coffee bean while roasting. In addition, the same heat is applied to the total surface of the bean.  Air Roasted Coffee is evenly developed.

Roasting coffee one bean at a time

Of course, we can’t just roast one bean at a time.   We must roast them with several of their fellow coffee beans.  Even so, each bean is treated equally while roasting.

Batches of 500 grams to 50Kgs of coffee beans are roasted together in our Chinook™ Air Flow coffee roasters. This is possible because all our roasting coffee beans are suspended in an industry standard rotating fluidized bed of hot air.

The coffee is roasted fast and efficiently because the roasting air applies the heat directly to the bean.  Efficient roasting assures that the flavour of our Specialty Grade Arabica coffees remains intense and vibrant.

Rotating Fluidized Air Bed coffee roasting

Rotating Fluidized Fresh Air Bed coffee roasting as used in the Chinook Coffee Roaster

Our Reactive Roast Management control software assures consistent results

We monitor the coffee bean temperature and the roasting air temperature 10 time per second. Consequently our Reactive Roast Management computer issues new instructions to the roaster 10 times per second. Hence, the roasting result is always as desired.

The inside and outside of each coffee bean is guaranteed to be consistently roasted.  We know this because we use an Infrared Roast Colour Analyzer to check the roast level of each coffee batch.  Human eyes use a light spectrum that inaccurately senses the degree of roast.

This instrument shines near infrared light on the coffee bean sample.  The intensity of the reflected light is measured.  The less light reflected of this specific wave length indicates a darker roast.

Therefore the resulting roasted coffee measurements vary directly proportionally with the performance of the Reactive Roast Management system.  Hence, roasting consistency is easily achieved.

Modern coffees deserve High Fidelity roasting

As stated above, modern Specialty Grade Arabica coffees with their complex attractive flavours should be roasted free of any contaminating flavours. In conventional roasting appliances the beans tumble around in a very hot sealed container rotating over a gas fire. The lazy air movement through the container allows roasting by products to roast with the coffee contaminating the result.

Air Roasted Coffee is dramatically different.  The vigorous air movement eliminates all coffee dust prior to roasting. Other roasting by products are thoroughly removed by the rapid passage of the roasting air. Hence, Air Roasted Coffee develops a very clean taste.  Our High Fidelity coffee roasting allows all the complex attractive flavours of modern Arabica coffees to shine through.

Burning chaff creates smoke in conventional coffee roasting.  Have a look at the efficient chaff removal of our Chinook production coffee roaster. You can be sure of tasting the Blueberries when you purchase a package of Blueberry Candy coffee from The Coffee Roaster.

Visit our roasterys in Sydney or Brisbane for a roasting demonstration.The Coffee Roaster is an Air Roasting pioneer having started in 1991.

Since then many more companies are discovering the benefits of Air Roasted Coffee.  For example Airis Coffee in Massachusetts is using a Piccolo Chinook for blend development.  A Chinook25Kg1C does their production roasting.  Mt Atkinson Coffee in New Zealand is using a Chinook25Kg1C to air roast their coffee.  First Batch Coffee Roaster in Noosaville QLD uses a Piccolo Chinook and a 25Kg Chinook production roaster.

After three months using the Piccolo First Batch was awarded Champion Gold Medal for their Noosa Blend at the Hobart Fine Foods professionally judged coffee competition.  The Piccolo has been awarded 6 GOLD medals in the recent past.

Air Roasted Coffee is accomplished with no warm up

We can respond immediately to a customer’s request to roast coffee.  Our Piccolo Chinook will roast 500 grams to 3Kg coffee in 10 minutes.  We can roast much larger quantities of coffee in 15 minutes.

Especially relevant, our Chinook Roasting systems do not require an initial warm-up period.  The heated air increases the temperature of the coffee immediately.  The coffee flavour remains consistent whether roasting continuously or intermittently.

We would be happy to roast 500 grams to 2Kgs of any of our coffees exactly the way you want it. This would be accomplished using our Piccolo Chinook small batch roaster.  The time involved would be 15 to 30 minutes.  Just long enough to have a cup of coffee (which we call quality control).

A record, like the screen shot above, is produced by the Reactive Roast Management System.  The customer retains this record.  The next batch can be roasted accurately using this information.  In the future your coffee can be roasted the same or darker or lighter by referencing the roasting information contained in this record.

Not able to visit one of our roasterys?  We can still roast the coffee just the way you want it.  Just visit our Roast to Order area in our online shop

Visit The Coffee Roaster for Air Roasted Coffee

We offer share roasting. Please consider developing your own blend using our Piccolo blend development engine. Once your blend is developed, roast larger coffee quantities in our production roaster.  Packaging is available including a bespoke colour label.

Your training occurs during roasting.  In short order you will be roasting on your own.

Use our Roast Colour Management instruments after each roast to assure that the coffee is behaving correctly.  We will help you tweak the Reactive Roast Management parameters to achieve the desired results.

If you have your own green coffee, bring it in. We would be happy to roast it for you. Prices are $5, $10 and $15 for respective batches of 625 grams (yield 500+ grams roasted), 1.25Kg (yield 1Kg+ grams roasted) or 2.5Kg (yield 2Kg+ grams roasted).

We guarantee your satisfaction!

Larger quantities of coffee can be roasted on our production equipment.  Should you wish to Share Roast, we can train you very quickly to operate our production roaster.

Piccolo Chinook coffee roaster

Available from

We use & recommend the Piccolo Chinook Fluidized-Bed Coffee Roaster for coffee roasting batch sizes 500 grams to 4.0 Kg

For coffee roasting batch sizes of 10Kg to 30Kg we use the Chinook 1/2 Bag Fluidized-Bed Coffee Roaster